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Stories from the soul

My Kundalini Yoga Instructor- Tej Kaur Khalsa

“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.”

~Yogi Bhajan

Tej Kaur Khalsa from Nine Treasures Yoga, starts by tuning in with the Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo mantra, which connects you to the divine teacher within, and all the Masters, Guru's and Guides. She explains how she got into Kundalini Yoga, while studying Psychology at USC. She talks about the benefits of practicing Kundalini Yoga and the myths of it being dangerous. Then she demonstrates the meditation to conquer self-animosity, which is easy and can be done anywhere.

Meditation to Conquer Self-Animosity

(originally taught by Yogi Bhajan in March 1979)


Sit in an Easy Pose with a light jalandhar bandh. Maintain an alert attitude


Relax the arms at the sides and raise the forearms up and in toward the chest at the heart level. Draw the hands into fists and point the thumbs straight up toward the sky. Press the fists together in such a manner that the thumbs and fists are touching. The palms are toward each other. This meditation requires the upper torso to be held straight without rocking back and forth.

Eye Position:

Fix the eyes at the tip of the nose. There is no required mantra other than the subtle sound of the breath.


Inhale through the nose.

Exhale completely through the mouth.

Inhale deeply and smoothly through the mouth.

Exhale through the nose.

Continue for 3 minutes. Gradually build the time to 11 minutes. Practice daily, but do not exceed 22 minutes in any one session.

To End: lnhale and stretch the arms up over the head. Keep the stretched position as you take 3 more deep breaths. Relax.


Learn more about Tej and Kundalini Yoga classes, visit her website.


You can e-mail her at;

What is White Tantric Yoga with Jay Moton
My White Tantric partner, Jay Moton at Summer Solstice 2016.

What is seva?

People sometimes ask me what seva is. I hadn’t heard the word before I took a Kundalini Yoga class. Now I am the go-to person that coordinates the seva schedule at Nine Treasures Yoga Studio. Yogi Bhajan explains it like this….
“ In order to achieve the highest state of consciousness, the answer is simple. Give without asking. Serve without reward. Uplift and inspire those who are downtrodden.
This tradition of selfless service, is called “seva.” Seva can take on many forms. It can take on the form of Karma Yoga, where we clean a common sacred space, or cook food for others. Seva can be talking with someone who is in despair. Listening to them, being supportive, and allowing your presence to help ease the pain. The common denominator is that the focus is on someone or something outside of yourself. It is a service that needs nothing in return, not even acknowledgement.”
Near Death Experience with Sarah Goff Roiko
Conscious Separation with Jay & Julia Moton
Jay and Julia have been friends since 1993, in a romantic relationship for 14 of those years and now separated for 4.  They grew up in Germany together and transplanted to Los Angeles in 2005. This is their experience about how they consciously separated continuing to love each other throughout all the stages of their relationship.
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